• The Hall family spent six months in Thailand and the Lord made it clear that this is where He wanted LVBC to separate them to serve.
  • It’s a border town, there are hundreds of people crossing between Myanmar China, and Thailand daily which gives connections to other countries that we can’t as easily traverse.
  • Islam, Buddhism and cults such as the Jehovah Witness’s are hard at work at blinding the eyes of these teachable people. The longer time goes on without them hearing the truth, their heart may very well become hardened to listening to religion.
  • Teamwork - The Williams family is sent out of LVBC and have been Maesai has been the perfect town for them to reach share the gospel with the Burmese people . However, the work is large and our church has seen the need for more laborers in other languages in this part of the world. While the Williams seek to teach the gospel to the Burmese people group, our focus will be towards the Thai and then the Chinese people.
  • City Growth - Though many of the young people leave this area to seek employment in larger cities such as Chiang Mai. The population is this city isn’t dissipating.
The Hall Family Portrait Winter 2021

Benjamin Hall has grown up at Lehigh Valley Baptist Church and has been instructed more perfectly through the biblical training he has received through His church. He has volunteered his talents in many areas of services through the years and in 2009, under the leadership of Pastor Doug Hammett, was asked to begin working on staff. Benjamin has been involved driving bus, website development, producing our local TV program and in any area that Pastor called on him to serve. Alyssa transferred her membership to LVBC after having faithfully serving in the body of Bible Baptist Church of Oak Harbor. Both Alyssa and Benjamin saw the hand of God leading them to Thailand early in their lives as singles they made decisions to minister with the Gaudets for extended mission trips.

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